What you can do


The obvious way to help us help the kids is off course to donate pens or money. You can send your donations to:

- Pens for Kids Denmark - through Claus Hjoernet, Holmevej 21 Annisse Nord, DK-3200 Helsinge, Denmark, claus@pensforkids.dk / (+45) 49 20 12 03
(click here to see how to donate)

- Pens for Kids International - through Linda Schaffer, 2225 Josie Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90815, USA, pensforkids@yahoo.com / (+1) 562 431-0103
(click here to see how to donate)

- Pens for Kids UK - through Malcolm O'Brien, Pens for Kids, 36 Glebe Avenue, Broughton, Kettering, NN14 1NE, United Kingdom. malcolm@pensforkids.co.uk 
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- or directly to our contacts in Africa.

If you consider sending donations directly to Africa, please follow these instructions.

Collect pens

When you have donated your own pens, ask your family, friends and colleagues if they can spare a pen for kids in Africa, or organise a pen collecting campaign: use your computer to print some posters and hang them on the bulletin boards in your work place or school - decorate a pen collection box with Pens for Kids PR-material and ask your local supermarket, gas station or sports stadion for permission to place it there.

If you need inspiration, I have some ready made posters and pictures you can use - just contact me at claus@pensforkids.dk

Spread the word

The best form of advertising is the "mouth to mouth" method, so please tell all your family, friends and colleagues about Pens for Kids, and make them help us help the kids.

To support their memory, it is however a good idea to give them some written material. Contact me at claus@pensforkids.dk , and I'll send you a business card template as shown below. Just replace the picture with own, and write your contact details on it, and you are ready to be a Pens for Kids Supporter.

If you don't want to collect pens yourself, you can print my business card to hand out to your friends, and you can even print business cards for our contacts in Africa, to help them get in contact with potential donors among the tourist they meet.

Front side of your business card

Front side of business card for a Pens for Kids Ambassador

...and the back side with a short introduction to the project.

Show others that you support us

You can show others that you support us by writing "I support Pens for Kids - www.pensforkids.dk / .com " in the auto-signature of your emails, and you can help us attract attention to the project by becoming a fan of the Pens for Kids page on Facebook, join the Facebook groups for Pens for Kids Denmark and Pens for Kids International.

Just by becoming my friens on Facebook, MyspaceLinkedIn and PerfSpot, and encourage your friends to do the same, you give me a chance to get in contact with them and tell about the project.

If you feel like advertising your sympathy on you chest or back, you can even print your own Pens for Kids T-shirt. Contact me at claus@pensforkids.dk for a template (mirrored) to print on a T-shirt transfer tranparant.

Print a T-shirt for youself or a Pens for Kids Ambassador.