What we do

Collecting pens

Pens for Kids accept donations of all kinds of writing utensils like pensils, felt pens and ball point pens, old and new, with or without commersial messages - from private donors...

...and from companies and organisations.

We pack the pens and send them to Africa, where a network of so-called Pens for Kids Ambassadors distribute them to underprivileged kids in their local community.

You can find all of our Ambassadors on Pens for Kids Denmark's websites under Contacts, Kontakter or PFK Ambassadors, and on Pens for Kids International's website under Ambassadors

The Pens for Kids Amnassadors hand out the pens for free at different schools in their local areas.


The Ambassadors also help me to get pictures like the below - of kids holding a "Thank you Sponsor sign".

In the below case the donor is a British government agency - Becta - who's generous donation of high quality pens have put smiles on many kids' faces this year.

Pens for Kids Denmark's Danish/English website has 3 pages that are used to mention / link to all the kids people who help us in various ways: "Donors", "Friends" and "Supporters" - and we are happy to supply major donors with customised "Thank you Sponsor" pictures as the below. See some examples on Facebook.

An idea for a low cost "Corporate Social Responsibility Progam" ?