Margwe Youth Group

Who we are

The Margwe Youth Group was initially formed by young school graduates from the local villages in the Samburu district. The Margwe Youth Group is a registrered self help group under The Department of Social Services and comprises 30 members. Administration, official correspondance and money transactions are undertaken by the group's management, consisting of Chairman, Secretary and Teasurer.

The aim of the group is to work towards self relianse and eradication of powerty within the local society. The scarcity of jobs in the area is a problem, not only in terms of getting food on the table, but also in terms of keeping young people busy with healthy and educational activities. The alarming HIV/AIDS situation is another problem that requires immediate attention, and educating the local youth in these matters is another aim of our project.

We try to keep our youth busy by forming football anf volley ball teams, and two fully trained nurses undertake the health education activities while waiting for better job opportunities.

Our group is now active, thanks to our patron Clare, who has donated football uniforms for the kids and desks for our school.

Our youth group is working on finding solutions to the serious problems we are facing, and tries to raise funds for our work by writing to well wishers for donations. We therefore urge anyone who is willing to help, to contact us as indicated below.

Thanking you in advance,
Margwe Youth Group


Chairman Dickson Lemelita, P.O. Box 323 Isiolo, Kenya. (+254) 0721 63 71 61 - (+254) 0736 71 80 87 -


The Margwe Youth Group was approved as Self help Group under The Department of Social services on June 26th, 2008.


So far the group's only official patron is Clare Muir, Berkhamsted, UK, but we have had considerable and very valuable help with the formalities and official approvals by Member of Parliament for Samburu East Hon. Raphael Lakalei Letimalo, here photographed with our Chairman Mr. Dickson Lemelita and Mr. & Mrs. Hjørnet from the charity organisation Pens for Kids, with whom we have recently taken up co-operation.