St. Mary’s Orphans Educational Trust

Who we are

ST.MARY’S ORPHANS EDUCATIONAL TRUST is located in Kyamagwa Village , Mafubira Parish, Mafubira sub-county , Jinja District , Uganda.

We are working to provide education support for needy orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) whose parents have died of HIV/AIDS and the war conflict in the region, as many of them are now returning to their homes.

Right now the project needs to find funding to support approximately 400 orphans to local schools for education. This initiative is under the organization , which is a locally registered community based organization-CBO at Jinja District , Uganda . The REG NO is 122032

The background

The HIV/AIDS epidemic is contributing to rapid break downs of existing structures that traditionally took care of development of orphans and other vulnerable children . It has deprived many Ugandan children of critical resources required to provide their basic developmental needs.

An increasing number of HIV/AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children is denied the opportunity to start and continue schooling. The majority of those who do so are entering and staying at school with preventable physical and emotional problems that teachers are unequipped to handle. Malnutrition , poor health , social exclusion , lack of early mental stimulation resulting from inadequate care , all affect the child's ability to think , learn and function effectively . More than anyone else , young children are the greatest victims as they are more vulnerable than older children to disease , malnutrition , and unmet psychosocial needs critical to socialization and survival. Support is necessary to enable caring families to provide basic resources , care and support to orphans and vulnerable children.

Our aim is to support girls' education and empower them by providing young girls quality education, create opportunity to get them jobs and enable them to fight for their rights and make them a respectable sign for Global Peace.

Women are playing a vital role in the society as Mothers, Sisters, Wives and daughters, but mostly their role is ignored by the society. A healthy and educated mother can produce and support a healthy and educated generation/nation by teaching them to be respectful to Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, and to all women in the society if they want to live in a peaceful, educated and civilized society.

Vision & Mission


A sustainable society where individuals promote safe behavior, individual responsibility, and demonstrate the ability to contribute to the efforts of their communities to realize our mission.


We exist to facilitate to African children a Christian response to meet the needs of those who have been affected by Epidemics by overcoming the causes , effects , and spread of diseases through educating orphans in disease awareness and sensitization mobile clinics , empowerment programs and community capacity building in light of epidemics and poverty . The primary target here is to educate orphaned children and provide vocational training , health care and counseling to both orphans and widows /widowers.

Objectives of SOET

Objective 1

Increase opportunities for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) to access education and improve their physical, cognitive and psychosocial care and development.

Objective 2

Develop new initiatives, support and add value to existing efforts designed to strengthen the capacity of families and communities providing prevention, care and support services to children affected and or infected by HIV/AIDS.

Objective 3

Improve parent/ guardian and caregiver capacities to care for the HIV/AIDS affected and infected children through enhancing their knowledge, skills and practices that reduce household poverty, demystify HIV/AIDS and decrease the associated stigmatization, and strengthen social support at family and community level.

Objective 4

Develop new and enhance initiatives to build capacities of Widows and or Widowers as a result of specific epidemics so that they are better able to care for themselves, their children and other members living with their families.

Objective 5

Broaden the concept of family to include extended family, informal fostering, family units, child - headed households and further enhance their capacity to cope with challenges in the care and support for orphans and vulnerable children affected by and infected with HIV/AIDS.

Objective 6

Enhancing a partnership approach that strengthens responses of Community Based Organizations and those of other social welfare institutions and organizations that embrace a number of care and support options that contribute towards improving prevention, care and support services for children affected by HIV/AIDS.

Objective 7

Promote efficiency through the development of program infrastructure, and implementation of a robust monitoring and evaluation program, preparing families, communities and staff for ownership, accountability and sustainability of project interventions.

Core values

• Respect for orphans and other vulnerable children.
• Good stewardship and accountability.
• Value marginalized groups.
• Good time management.
• Promote sound environment management.
• Promote gender equality.

With the assistance of friends the organisation is seeking potential sources of funding for our Girls Education and Women empowerment.

We look forward to hearing from you at the earliest opportunity and hope this will lead to a vibrant partnership with you. In that way we can give orphaned children a hope and love for their future.