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About us

Tuungane Youths is an organisation of youths from Kilifi who have joined hands on making Kenya a better place.

Tuungane was founded on April 2010, but due lack of funds and equipment it has been operating on an inofficial basis.

Kilifi is one of the poorest towns in the coastal province of Kenya with a high fraction of its population infected with Hiv/Aids and a town in which the drug business has grow roots.

Tuungane Youths have joined hands to fight poverty, child abuse, child labour, corruption and drug abuse by doing Hiv/Aids and drug abuse awareness

Tuungane Youths search and promote upcoming talents such as musicians, modellers, dancers, actors, footballers and many other talents.

As we plan to sponsor bright needy students, we plan also to hold concerts and fundraisings to donate money to see them through their education.

Tuungane Youths was founded by Mr. Pricy John Tenguri and his brother who shared his visions. In 2009 they got 15 youths to contribute to the registration certificate fees and applied for a certificate, but unfortunately their money got eaten and they never recieved their certificate.

The youths gave up at first, but in 2010 Mr. Tenguri and his brother decided to pay for the certificate again, using their own money, so as to motivate the youths and show them that we shouldnt give up. They beleive the Lord heard their cry for help, and in April 2010 they finally recieved their certificate.

They contributed with money to buy for drums and ethnic clothes, and formed a cultural song group that would create job opportunities for the youths, as this is also part of searching and promoting upcoming talents.

Their work hasn't been very successful yet because of some problems they encountered, but they know it will sooner or later.

The reason why they decided to start this group was because they saw the need of the people of Kilifi. So many organizations and foundations operate only in Nairobi, Mombasa and other cities, but Kilifi is not recognized  by any one.

So they decided that was time for Kilifi to change, and they know it will change because changes begin with you and I.

They believe that coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success.