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Effort for Child Support-Uganda (ECSU) is an organization of Ugandans dedicated to helping the Disadvantaged Children, the youth of Uganda and Africa at large joining the modern world in development projects. The organization is a Community Based organization, which is duly registered and it begun its operations on 11th April, 2004 and got registered in the year 2006 with Registration Number MG/2006/11/168 and MKN/CBO/ 1256 / 2011. The Organization was formed mainly to focus on Rural Community people development in various aspects for self-empowerment ESPECILLY for Children and Youth. The Organization is based in Nagojje Sub-County, Nakifuma County in Mukono District.

What we do

Through a number of activities so far undertaken, ECSU has established itself as a "leading CBO and key actor" within the civil society in Uganda, contributing to sustainable livelihoods of the vulnerable children, providing basic social necessities such as basic education, medical care, guidance and counseling among others. The profile of the organization as an important partner and actor in fighting anti-social behavior among children and grooming them into better citizens in the future.

ECSU is thus playing a complimentary role with the existing government efforts, as an external agent (catalyst), in community development initiatives and the new co-management system and thus contributing to the overall national development goals / agendas.

ECSU undertakes this through the provision of services / assistance in defining problems; providing independent advices, ideas and expertise; guiding joint problem-solving and decision-making; and continuing to advocate for appropriate policies on matters relating to the plight of disadvantaged children.

Beyond this, ECSU has continued to undertake the following; Coordinating training and education of disadvantaged child; situational analysis and problem-solving; consensus building; livelihood and enterprises management; conflict management; advocacy; facilitation; networking; socio-economic monitoring and evaluation; and facilitation in the development of good communication channels and open discussions as well as the promotion of dialogue between the needy groups and community members and governments (national and local governments) through meetings and forum for discussions.


Effort for Child Support-Uganda has a very strong goal of improving the quality of life of the vulnerable children and orphans through providing education, giving care, love and support. Additionally, it promotes empowerment of rural Community people in various areas affecting humanity.


To translate the lines of marginalized people especially the ones who have lost the dear ones and have no one to take care of them.


To prevent drug abuse, use and illicit trafficking among the youth.

To prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and its mitigation effects.

To improve the agriculture production through availing the necessary resources.

To mobilize and organize rural communities into community-based organizations and build their capacity to undertake and participate in natural resources management and development processes.

To mobilize resources and facilities from key stakeholders, government and donors so as to implement desirable community programmers.

To stimulate, promote and support economic activities in the rural communities that improve the well-being and quality of life of disadvantaged groups, rural women, rural youth and other marginalized groups.

To advocate and lobby government and other development partners to formulate and implement policies and programmes that are relevant ,supportive and address the multifaceted concerns, needs and interests of the rural communities.

To build and strengthen strategic alliances and networks for joint efforts to maximize and effect change.

To tackle the social aspects of life that limit the community development especially the HIV/AIDS pandemic, poor sanitation and health related issues in general that affect youth and disadvantaged children.

To identify critical gaps in policy areas and facilitate participation in activities that foster understanding of all aspects of human rights issues, peace, unity and solidarity in the grass root communities for national development.

To build, strengthen the capacity of community institutions such as community-based organizations in order to improve on management and planning at local level.

To establish links with rural disadvantaged youth and children with the view to assisting them in developing initiatives that secure sustainable livelihood and ensure good social development and creation of Income-Generating Activities (IGAs).

To create and provide chances for employment opportunities of the youth.

To help the orphans and other vulnerable children in education and other material support where possible.

Setting up and managing and implementation of social development projects and programmers including health, education, training and public utilities.

Assist in implementing any community initiated HIV/AIDS programmers.

Contributing towards education of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC).

Sensitizing communities about HIV/AIDS prevention and care for PLWHAs

Promoting environmental programmers and proper sanitation for the target area.

Networking with organization and agencies with similar aims and objectives both locally and internationally

Promoting group work among youth.

Promoting computer skills as part of the necessary Information Technology to the community.

Promoting the wellbeing of disabled children.

To increase household incomes through improved food production practices and promotes sustainable use of natural resources in our areas of operation. OUR WORKS/WHAT WE DO.

ECSU runs most of its activities through the project of voice of the Children. This the organization targets orphans, Youth, disabled and vulnerable children.

Voice of the needy activities includes the following;

A). HIV/AIDS awareness campaign:

We conduct HIV/AIDS seminars and workshops under the theme Behavior communication change messages (BCC) Where by the community is educated in values Based ABC (Abstinence, Be faithful, and condom use) strategy.

We also provide voluntary counselling and Testing (VCT) where by clients are encouraged to go for {VCT} services there after referred to referral hospitals to access free HIV Test and treatment for positive living.

We also provide psychosocial counselling to children who are sexually abused, Traumatized and Adults who are depressed.

B). Vocational skills Training:

We provide skills in form of computer training and functional Adult literacy Education to the needy community this enables them to be self-reliant in their well-being with an emphasis of skills development through creation of different income-generating activities.

C). Environment protection and conservation of biodiversity.

This is done through community sensitization about the environment and training on how to protect and conserve it. This is later done through supply of seeds and tree nurseries for free to the community members to be planted as a process of emphasizing agro-forestry. Others include creation of different Income activities.

D). Health improvement.

This is done through access to safe and clean water and improved sanitation, fighting of malnutrition and hunger.

E) Child welfare.

ECSU advocates for the concerns and rights of children through giving them support in all aspects of life for example in courts of law, humanitarian assistance and education.

F) Provision of Basic Education:

We solicit and provide basic education orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), street children, children from retrenched and monogamous families, very poor children and disabled children most especially with much emphasis on the girl child right to education. The organization supports and gives care to over 50 orphans and vulnerable children.

G) People with disabilities.

we support and care for people with disabilities through a set of different activities like advocating for their rights and concerns, emphasizing working together/no discrimination among this group of people as other people neglect them.

How to help us

You can help us by donating money and materials or by volunteering.

To get more information on how to help, contact the project's Executive Director:

Michael Akizimana

c/o Effort for Child Support, Uganda



Tel: +256 752 841260 / +256 702 219641

Email: coppedge2006@yahoo.com

Michael Akizimana - Tel: +256 702 219641 - coppedge2006@yahoo.com