Bridgeways Academy

Welcome to Bridgeways Academy

Our school is located in Mombasa, Kenya, and is run by:

- Director Miss Nancy Cheruto

- Manager Mr. Henry Kosgey

- Head Teacher Mrs. Sally Kogo Kosgey

- Teaching Assistant Mrs. Fatuma Karissa

Our school is located in a rented building, but we hope to build our own premises in the future. 

Director Miss Nancy Cheruto
Manager Mr Henry (Kosgey) Busieney
+254 (0)721 35 61 22
Head Teacher Mrs Sally Kogo Kosgey
+254 (0)742 78 08 85
Assistant Teacher Mr Gideon Cheruyiot
Assistant Teacher Mrs Fatuma Karissa
Assistant Teacher (Vacant position)


In our school we teach Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Science and Kiswahili.

The children

We have 3 classes in all: 

- Nursery, with A children, Ax girls and Ay boys. 

- Primary, Grade 1, with B pupils, Bx girls and By bouys.

- Primary, Grade 2, with C pupils, Cx girls and Cy boys,

"Further description...." (e.g. most of our pupils are orphans and stay with their grandparents / many of our kids have a problem with Jiggers due to lack of shoes / most of our kids are malnurished nad only get one meal in school.... or whatever you have to tell / feel is important.

How to help

You can help us by donating scholastic materials, food and cash.

To do so, please contact our Manager:

Mr Henry (Kosgey) Busieney

P.O.Box 407000 Mombasa


+254 (0)721 35 61 22